New Corporate Fashion


Changing corporate fashion.

The beginnings of corporate fashion were all about uniformity in employees’ image towards the public. Everyone was looking for matching uniformity.

Today, clothing is differentiated, holistic, ecological, but also fashionable and is embedded in corporate design – always with reference to the individual.

Industrial designers and fashion designers move in the same stylistic direction – although they create different end products, both work towards achieving a comprehensive brand appearance.

One great example is the internationally successful German automotive industry. The design philosophy is holistic, organic and dynamic. The same is asked of the fashion designers who create the corporate fashion to match.

Concise stylistics combined with an intelligent mix of materials. A touch of avant-garde also freshens corporate fashion. It is in just the right amount of fashionable provocation where you will find a stylist’s ability to be innovative while maintaining value, always keeping the image and the brand core in mind.

Read our list of clients and you’ll understand the challenge.

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