My life, my individuality, my fashion.


Is fashion just a word? It’s more than just being on trend – style and fashion mean wearing something in a conscious way, a special way; a new, perhaps even provocative way.

Oscar Wilde said: “Fashion is not just a question of clothing. Fashion has something to do with ideas – with how we live.” Can it be that people who approach their lives with imagination develop a keener awareness for fashion and their appearance? Do they live their lives more consciously?

Famed London designer Vivienne Westwood said: “You have a better life if you wear impressive clothes.”

But take note! She didn't say “expressive” – that only describes outer appearance – but rather “impressive”. When I do something that comes out of me genuinely, it is a way to a better life because I myself live, and am not lived by others (Wilhelm Schmid).

Good designer collections are open and give the wearer freedom of choice. You can draw from this and choose the things that fit you – things that look like they were made just for you. Not just for your body, but for your soul as well.

With reference to German philosopher Schopenhauer one may say –- creating fashion can be an artistic act when the creation is essentially shaped by being. Simply making something remains worldly and can lead to the banality of repetition – doing the same thing over and over. Being, however, is always a gift.

Maybe you’ve heard someone described as having style and grace. The word grace comes from the Latin “gratia” and stands for mercy, love, a gift. Elegance is also a gift. And when you are graced with love, it shows in your appearance, too. Your soul is reflected to the world.

Anyone who wants to maintain the belief that fashion is just a word is merely simplifying the situation!

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