Art and culture create values.
See and feel them in fashion.


BENBARTON New York is a creator of design-focused and high-quality apparel for men and women. We make modern fashion with ultra-light workmanship and great attention to detail and the materials we use. Innovative engineering paired with traditional handcrafted culture. Trusted expertise since 1946.

Exquisite specially-chosen fabrics, functional textiles with a wide range of features, and exclusively designed finishing processes are not only our USPs; they also add value.

Shirts and blouses, cotton and high-tech casuals, all types of jerseys, high-fashion knits and accessories, as well as original Goodyear shoes make BENBARTON New York a strong supplier to international fashion houses.

Corporate Business Fashion by BENBARTON is an exclusive range of products for international key accounts from industry and trade, banks and transport companies.

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