A brand must change daily, yet at the same time remain distinctive.


BENBARTON New York is a fashion brand with its own collection. But our brand performance also includes creative design developments for other brands. We make corporate fashion for the international business world.

Who are design concept customers?

Multi-channel retailers who want completely coordinated fashion concepts. The dynamics of the market are often seen more creatively with a fresh set of eyes from outside a company. We offer complete international sourcing. Our corporate customers come to us with new product designs, new sales offices, showrooms, trade fair appearances – and they need image apparel to match. Apparel adapted to their brand, style, appearance and job profiles.

What makes corporate fashion special?

Design combines form and function. Without knowing the real use of clothing, you cannot achieve good design. But fabrics also provide function. Certain designs simply don’t go with certain fabrics. Design and product development is a complex process in which customers are involved. We offer consulting services that add value beyond the pure production price.

What makes these activities so appealing?

Dealing with the essence of our client’s brand. This is an analytical, fascinating and creative job. You need to work out how much fashion sense a brand and customer have. Through in-depth communication with our customers, we are able to achieve the best solutions to meet their apparel needs.

September 2018

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